Import and distibution
of high quality chemicals
 for the purpose of various
branches of industry.


About us

Welcome to Rolling-co
  The company Rolling-co was established in in the city of Kragujevac in 1991 with only two employees. In the period of weak national economy, imposed economic sanctions and restricted domestic market, Rolling-co set a single goal: success. Dedicated to its main activity and expanding the market, the company’s long-lasting business reputation testifies that this goal has been achieved.
  The main activity of our company is import and distribution of the high quality chemicals for the purpose of various l branches of industry.
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Apart from the products listed in our stock list that are at your disposal at all times and in desired quantity, we are also able to import other products and deliver them in due time.
  Feel free to contact us and request an offer.  
You may download the products and their technical characteristics from our stock list here. 


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